ECZEMA or Dermatitis

Commonly known as ‘Khaaj’ sees a steep flare-up in rainy season. Humidity and changing temperatures takes a toll on the already disturbed skin barrier of Eczema patients. Invariable scratching can damage the skin, leading to bleeding, aggravated itching and secondary bacterial infection. A Dermatologist can treat Eczema by prescribing medication non-cosmetic moisturizers. Children are affected by this too! Across the globe, Childhood Eczema affects 18-21% children. The season also sees an increased incidence of Atopic Dermatitis and nappy/diaper rash.


A well moisturized skin is a healthy skin. Lotion based moisturizers are better than cream based ones in this season. One should refrain from using cosmetic moisturizers available OTC, as the fragrance and the colouring agents are one of the commonest causes of aggravation of allergies. One should ask their dermatologist for a moisturizer apt for their skin

– Staying away from known allergens like dust, dirt, pollens and animal fur

– Sweating aggravates itching in patients with Eczema; keeping dry, bathing twice, wear loose cotton clothing

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